Baikei Uehira


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Mr. Uehira is not only an accomplished studio artist but also a live calligraphy performer and promoter of traditional Japanese culture. Though he typically adheres to the classical styles also utilized by his peers in the calligraphy world, Baikei also enjoys creating innovative works by incorporating new materials, forms, and brush styles. With more than 30 years of calligraphy instruction to his credit, he shows no signs of slowing down and vows to travel the world teaching for years to come. Baikei Uehira, born Tatsuyoshi Uehira on June 28, 1964 in Izumisano, Japan, is a master calligrapher and teacher as well as president of the Seisho Calligraphy Association in Osaka. Originally pursuing calligraphy only for the love of writing, he has gone on to develop new pathways and styles of traditional Japanese calligraphy through collaborations, art shodo, and live performances. Uehira is considered a pioneer of live calligraphy and continues to create innovative works with hopes of expanding interest in Japanese writing to others around the globe.