Study and Live in Japan By Learning Calligraphy

With Cultural Activities Visa Sponsorship

Calligraphia Japan Inc's Main Corporate Philosophy

Calligraphia aims to bring Japanese Calligraphy into the world and the future. We also aim to make Japanese Calligraphy enter the world of entertainment!

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What We Do

Our school offers an immersive experience into the world of Japanese calligraphy through the Cultural Activities Visa. Located in the heart of Japan, students get to live and learn the deep-rooted culture and traditions of the country.


Our Mission

To provide authentic and top-tier calligraphy lessons, ensuring each student grasps the essence of this ancient art.

Our Vision

To be the leading institution for Japanese calligraphy, producing students who not only master the art but also appreciate its cultural significance.

Our Values

Tradition, Excellence, Culture, and Community.


We are international! We have students from all over the world. Some joined us while they are already living in Japan, while others enrolled from overseas!

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Our Classroom

Our classroom is conveniently located at the heart of Osaka, where students can enjoy immersing themselves in the culture, entertainment, and recreation — all in one place.

Course Schedule

1 year Japanese Calligraphy Course

INTRODUCTION: our 1 year Japanese calligraphy course is geared towards serious students who wish to live and study in Japan and require visa sponsorship. 

*Students must provide proper paperwork for the visa and send them to us. Though our success rate is currently close to 100%, visas are not guaranteed.

✅We accept students year-round

✅Courses are taught in a group setting and class sizes vary

✅School holiday schedule basically follows Japan’s national holiday schedule

✅National health insurance is to be paid by students

✅Students are asked to study a minimum of 16 hours each week are not allowed to work

✅We do not officially offer support for housing, transportation, etc. but try to advise our students as best we can

✅Students are encouraged to participate in school parties, exhibitions, and other activities

Sample Daily Class Schedule

Our school boasts intensive learning, but that does not mean you will spend the entire day in class!
Like our current students, you too can enjoy Japan. See the sample schedule below!

There are 2 schedules for Tuesday to Friday classes:
14:00-15:30 and 15:30-17:00
Class schedule will be assigned upon admission, depending on the number of available seats.

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Student A

Student B

Students who finish the Beginner’s Curriculum are eligible to join the Advanced Classes.

Tuition and Study Materials Provided


Updated April 1, 2024
6-month Course – JPY 330,000 (no increase)

1 Year Course – from JPY 440,000 to JPY 550,000
Professional Course – from JPY 550,000 to JPY 880,000

Application Fee

When Applying Within Japan:

JPY 40,000 – Application Fee
Includes 2 Intro Lessons and Materials

When Applying from Overseas:

JPY 72,800 – Application Fee
Includes 2 Intro Lessons via Zoom and Materials


In addition to the above amount, there will be additional fees related to the exchange rate and shipping costs such as EMS.

  • Handbook with English instructions
  • Small and large starter brushes
  • Starter calligraphy paper
  • Paper weight
  • Ink stone
  • Felt pad
  • India ink

Course Tuition

For those who need visa sponsorship:


Basic Curriculum of Calligraphia (Big brush, small brush, ballpoint pen and pencil)

JPY 550,000 – 1 year course

Professional Course + Teaching method lessons

JPY 880,000 – 1 year course

JPY 330,000 – 6 month course


For those who don’t need visa sponsorship: 

JPY 44,000 – 1-month course
JPY 110,000 – 3-month course


Taiga Uehira

Calligraphia President

Seiga Kubonaka

Calligraphy Teacher

Ryoshu Fukuhara

Calligraphy Teacher

Shunkei Tani

Calligraphy Teacher

Mie Kamiya


Ryan Steven


Baikei Uehira

Special Instructor


Students learn on their own pace, guided by the experienced hands of Japan’s most prolific calligraphers. You don’t have to worry about getting left behind in class because you set your own pace.

What Is Cultural Activities Visa in Japan?

The Cultural Activities Visa is Japan’s invitation to artists, scholars, and cultural enthusiasts from around the world to explore, learn, and create within its borders. Tailored for those wishing to engage in cultural studies or artistic pursuits, this visa is your key to becoming not just a visitor but a participant in Japan’s rich cultural tapestry.

Eligibility and Application Steps:

  • Purpose: This visa is designed for non-profit activities, including studying and researching Japanese arts and culture.
  • Requirements: Applicants need a guarantor in Japan, sufficient funds for their stay, and a detailed plan of their cultural activities.
  • Application Process: Submit your application along with the required documents, including proof of your artistic endeavors or study plans, to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country.

How to Apply for the Cultural Activities Visa with Our Calligraphy School

Embarking on your calligraphy journey in Osaka begins with a few simple steps. Contact our school to learn more about our courses and how they align with the Cultural Activities Visa requirements. We’ll guide you through the enrollment process, assist with your visa application, and ensure you’re prepared for your arrival in Osaka.

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    Affiliated School Information

    青霄書法会 難波教室

    (Seisho Calligraphy School)
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    6th floor of Dong-A Building, Namba 3-5-11 Chuo Ward, Osaka City